Pradaxa Update

Bellwether trails are being set up for Pradaxa, the blood thinner created by German drug company Boehringer Ingelheim. The first trial is expected to start February 12th in Connecticut with others soon following in the state. There are also two California cases set for trial in mid-2018 and a federal case set in Georgia too.

Boehringer Ingelheim settled thousands of these lawsuits in 2014, but a second round of lawsuits is now being filed by victims who did not participate in the settlement. The primary claim against the pharmaceutical company is that it failed to warn consumers about the medication’s higher risk of severe bleeding.

Part of the problem is that for the first five years Pradaxa was available to the public, no antidote existed to reverse the effects of the drug. Patients who took the anticoagulant drug could literally bleed to death from an otherwise minor cut, and the FDA has since reviewed thousands of deaths attributed to it. Bruising and internal bleeding could also cause major health issues.


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