Talcum Powder Updates

A case involving 21 ovarian cancer victims is set to go to trial in the City of St. Louis June 5th. Our next trial is set for September. Pending a decision by the Missouri Supreme Court, it will either be a single or multi-plaintiff trial. Onder Law continues to file additional talcum powder cases in the City of St. Louis.

Talc cases also continue to be filed in the New Jersey MDL as well. Judge Freda Wolfson has not yet requested any case-specific discovery but has issued orders from Defendants’ document production. MDL plaintiffs have disclosed experts to the court and to the parties (about 30 or so experts in multiple scientific disciplines.) Defendants though, have not yet been directed to disclose their experts. The Judge has set the next status conference for the beginning of February.

***Please note: We advise you not to comment on your case in this public forum, as electronically stored information may be used as evidence in your case. We encourage you to refrain from posting any information about your case online.

If you would like an update on your specific claim please contact your paralegal.

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      1. I see many are wondering if their case is on the upcoming dockets. I too wonder how the Darlene Olson case is progressing. Thanks to your firm for standing up with all of us who could not do this individually. Clyde Olson

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  1. I have never had any follow up since all of my initial information was collected Two years ago. How do I find out if my tumor tested positive- as definitely was caused by talcom? I don’t even know if I am part of this litigation?
    Thank you


    1. Dena, nothing litigation wise at this time. More studies are needed. According to Cancer.org “Talc use has not been strongly linked to other cancers, although not all possible links with other cancers have been studied extensively. One study suggested genital talcum powder use may slightly increase the risk of endometrial (uterine) cancer in women who are past menopause. But other studies have not found such a link. Further studies are needed to explore this topic.” If you want more info check out: https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/talcum-powder-and-cancer.html


    1. May I please have an update and who I should contact, I think my paralegal is Beth but I haven’t contacted anyone since May 27 2016


  2. I’m Rebecca Carroway,do i have paralegal on my case.if so,could you please let me know who should I speak with. I would like to have update on my case.
    Thank you!


    1. James, your wife’s case has been filed but is not currently in line for trial. I have forwarded your comment to the paralegal handling the case and she should be reaching out shortly to provide a more detailed explanation of the current status. Her name is Dawn and her email is crutchley@onderlaw.com if you’d like to reach out directly. Thank you!


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