Talc Trials Update

Johnson & Johnson as well as the talc mining company, Imerys, were recently hit with a $117 million verdict in New Jersey. The plaintiff in the case is a man suffering from mesothelioma, caused by the asbestos in the talcum powder he regularly used. The verdict was not only a win for that plaintiff but for the thousands suffering from ovarian cancer, as it helps raise awareness of the dangers of talc used in baby powder.

There are three things in talcum powder that cause ovarian cancer:

  • The asbestos in talc causes ovarian cancer.
  • Talc itself causes ovarian cancer.
  • The known carcinogenic heavy metals in talc cause ovarian cancer.

Asbestos, likely the most researched toxin of those mentioned, is known to be found in talcum powder. Deposits of talc, one of Earth’s softest minerals, are often located near deposits of the minerals that constitute asbestos, and studies have shown the risk of cross-contamination during mining. It’s a point that’s been addressed in ovarian cancer trials time and again.

Our next trial of 20 plaintiffs is set for trial in the City of St. Louis in June. We are also hoping to set another trial of 15 plaintiffs in the city in September.