Syngenta Settlement Structure

We are happy to report the details of the Syngenta settlement have been approved by a Federal judge and are resulting in a fair and favorable recovery to our clients. Our goal from day one has been to ensure our individual clients receive a fair award based on their individual farming operations. We believe this has been accomplished.

As part of this settlement, a class action has been established. While the term class action has historically meant that clients receive a nominal sum with attorneys taking the bulk of the fees, that is not the case in this litigation. Under this settlement structure the client’s losses are being personalized and calculated to be consistent with their individual loss for 2013 – 2018.

To get the deal done, we had to move to the class action format which is in the best interest of our clients. This class action format allows for client’s recovery to be based on the productivity of the land in their county as opposed to less fertile lands in other counties. With this structure client’s injuries/losses will be more personalized and calculated to be consistent with their individual loss.

A committee comprised of both Plaintiffs’ attorneys and Syngenta negotiated the terms of the settlement including the payment structure.   These terms were approved by the Federal judge overseeing the litigation.  Clients should receive a formal Notice in the coming weeks with further instructions on how to file the claim.  More information can also be found at