GM & Takata Trials Update

Onder Law continues to lead the charge for the victims of automobile product liability injuries. The United States government recently started investigating automobile manufacturers for the failure to replace or repair vehicles with faulty Takata airbags on time. The defective Takata airbag results in the explosion of the airbag canister which sends shrapnel flying through the vehicle, lacerating, injuring, and even killing the automobile occupants. While Takata has filed for bankruptcy, Onder Law continues to pursue the vehicle manufacturers who allowed these known faulty airbags to remain in their vehicles, failing to replace them under their warranty. Honda confirmed just days ago that another Takata air bag ruptured in a fatal crash in Malaysia, highlighting the continued danger of these faulty safety devices. The Takata airbag recall is the largest automotive recall in history, involving tens of millions of vehicles.

Additionally, individuals continue to be injured by faulty GM ignition switches. The GM ignition switch can change position unexpectedly, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle and resulting in the airbag not deploying. Like the Takata recall, this failure by GM effects many vehicles and leaves millions of drivers in danger. Although GM claims to have now completed over 90% of the recall repairs, the automotive giant has reportedly known of the issue since as early as 2005, not doing anything until 2014 when the recall was initiated.

As these companies drag their heels and continue to delay the repair or replacement of these vital safety components of their vehicles, more people are left in danger of serious injury or death. Onder Law will continue to pursue those responsible for this neglect and continue to do everything in our power to make sure that they are held accountable.