Roundup Trial Update

As many are aware, Monsanto is challenging the science of the medical link between Round-Up and cancer. They are claiming that the Plaintiffs are using “junk science” to make the connection. The courts have a process by which they evaluate the credibility of the experts, to determine whether those experts are qualified to speak at trial.

In California State Court, the process is referred to as a “Sargon Hearing.” In the State Court Sargon Hearings, the judge held that the experts were credible and that the case could proceed to a jury, with some limitation.

Similar hearings have been held in the Federal Multidistrict Litigation in San Francisco. No ruling has yet been announced after their “Daubert Hearing.” We are, however, hopeful that the outcome will be similar to that in California State Court. In Missouri State Court, no such hearings have been held.

At present, there are about six hundred lawsuits pending in the Federal MDL in San Francisco California. There are hundreds of cases pending in California State Court and over five thousand cases pending in venues across Missouri, including the City of St. Louis, Jefferson County and Jetson County.

The first case is set for trial in the Multidistrict Litigation before Judge Vince Chhabria to begin the week of June 18, 2018. We expect that trial should last at least one month.

To date there are no settlement negotiations. However, on a positive note the sale of Monsanto to Bayer has been approved by the United States Government. Bayer has a history of being much more reasonable when it comes to settlement, than has Monsanto.