Talc Trial Update

Late last month, Johnson & Johnson was hit with another verdict, this one for $25 million, in California. The case’s plaintiff is a woman who suffers from mesothelioma which was caused by the talcum powder she used for years. This victory is yet more proof that the talc used in baby powder is dangerous and consumers should have been warned of the risks of using it for the decades that the product has been on the market. Thousands of women suffering from ovarian cancer await more victories like this one in the hope that Johnson & Jonson is held accountable.

As mentioned before on this blog, three substances found in talc cause ovarian cancer:

  • The asbestos in talc causes ovarian cancer.
  • Talc itself causes ovarian cancer.
  • Carcinogenic heavy metals found in talc cause ovarian cancer.

The trial in California focused on the presence of asbestos in talcum powder. Asbestos has been heavily researched and shown to both be present in talc and cause cancer. Many studies show the risk of cross-contamination of the talc when it is mined from the earth, often near deposits of minerals that contain asbestos. This point has been brought up several times in previous talcum powder ovarian cancer trials.

The next trial focusing on talcum powder involves 20 plaintiffs and is set to begin this month in the City of St. Louis. Onder Law continues to fight for the thousands suffering from Johnson & Johnson’s failure to warn the public of the dangers of talcum powder and we will keep you updated on this litigation as more developments roll out.