Syngenta Settlement Update

As our corn litigation clients probably already know, Syngenta has settled for $1.5 billion! By settling, Syngenta has affirmed what we have claimed from the beginning, that their promise of quick and easy approval of their Viptera corn in China never came true and therefore the American corn export market was badly affected due to the farmers’ inability to sell their Viptera corn in China. Based on the system established for the settlement, the recovery is going to be based upon the “local” bushels per acre. Therefore, our clients who tended to be from higher bushel per acre corn-producing states will receive a higher recovery than those from states which produced a lesser number of bushels per acre.

And as a reminder to all of our Syngenta clients, the Claims Administrator has sent information to each of our clients, and our clients need to go online to this site to fill out the form and formally make their claim. Once these steps are completed, the claims can be processed and paid in full. If any of our Syngenta clients need any guidance navigating this process, please reach out to the attorney or paralegal handling your case and they will be happy to assist you.

Finally, we wanted to say thank you to all of the Syngenta clients that have been so patient throughout this long and draining process. We do understand that the experience of being part of a litigation with tens of thousands of plaintiffs can be frustrating, but we are so grateful for the opportunity to serve you and help you win the compensation you deserve.