Testosterone Trial Update

A litigation that Onder Law has been pursuing for some time now has been against the makers of several male testosterone supplements. These companies exaggerated the benefits of testosterone supplements and downplayed their negative effects, with the result that many men have suffered heart attacks, strokes, deep-vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, blood clots, and even death. This was often due to the aggressive marketing of these supplements to men who did not have confirmed low testosterone levels, but to men who sought a solution to common aging issues like low energy, decreased libido, and erectile dysfunction. Off-label use of the supplements was heavily encouraged by the manufacturers due to the relatively small market of men who have actually been diagnosed with low testosterone.

Clearly, this is a classic case of pharmaceutical companies attempting to earn more profits by pushing their product hard to people who don’t really need it and it is a wrong that we here at Onder Law have been continuing to battle. And we do have reason to believe that there may be progress on the horizon. Recently, the Multi-District Litigation judge set a number of bellwethers to be tried at the end of this year. Due to the significant number of cases to be tried, Onder Law is optimistic that settlement negotiations will continue to progress. Our belief is that the court’s setting of these cases for trial was meant to act as encouragement towards resolution. Hopefully, we will have more to share over the coming months as negotiations unfold so make sure to keep tuning in to the newsletter, as it is where we most commonly share large, general updates on our litigations.