Physiomesh Litigation Update

The case against makers of dangerous mesh products often used to treat hernias continues to gain momentum as more and more cases are filed across the country. It has been reported recently that the number of cases being filed every month has continued to grow as patients become aware of the link between the symptoms they have experienced and the mesh they’ve had implanted.

Touted as a safe treatment to repair holes or weak points in the abdominal wall, physiomesh products have caused serious health issues for patients. Here is the full list of devastating and unexpected effects these patients seeking relief have experienced:

  • Abdominal Infections
  • Hernia Recurrence
  • Potentially permanent damage to internal organs
  • Surgery Revision
  • Adherence to internal organs resulting in serious infection

As our clients understand, these large litigations are slow-moving, and the current goal is to set a first trial date in early 2020. However, as pressure continues to mount against the makers of these dangerous mesh products, it is possible that negotiations for a settlement could commence before a case ever comes to trial. We will of course keep you updated on any developments in the case.