Talcum Powder Litigation Update

The fight against Johnson & Johnson continues, with another great victory for women affected by talcum powder ovarian cancer being won early last month in St. Louis. A jury awarded a group of 22 women $4.6 billion in a verdict that sends a clear and potent message to Johnson & Johnson: we know that your product causes ovarian cancer and the company should be held accountable for the suffering these women have endured.

Along with the $117 million verdict in April for a man suffering from mesothelioma as well as the verdicts won in 2016 against J&J, the pressure on them to warn the public about the dangers associated with using products like Shower to Shower is mounting. More and more people are becoming aware of this issue every day as these verdicts continue to come down in favor of the women affected by ovarian cancer. Onder Law is hopeful that the building public pressure on Johnson & Johnson will convince them to do something about this issue besides continuing to deny the danger of their product. As a reminder to our readers, there are three things in talcum powder that cause ovarian cancer:

  • The asbestos in talc causes ovarian cancer.
  • Talc itself causes ovarian cancer.
  • The known carcinogenic heavy metals in talc cause ovarian cancer.

Finally, we wanted to extend a special thank you to all of our talc clients who have shown such inspiring patience and resilience in this long fight against Johnson & Johnson. We are truly grateful to have each and every one of you on our side as we continue the process of trying to hold J&J accountable for all of the lives they have effected.