Syngenta Update – Attn. Clients!

As our corn clients are already aware, the Syngenta litigation focusing on their promises concerning the Viptera corn seed. Syngenta assured the farmers they sell to that the Chinese government would approve the import of the corn into China, but China did not approve it in the timeline that Syngenta promised. The resulting financial impact on the US corn market was devastating and the case was settled for $1.51 billion earlier this year. This update is a reminder to our Syngenta case clients that there is an approaching deadline of October 12, 2018 for this settlement and they should act now in order to secure their compensation.

The process of submitting your claim is very straightforward and can be done entirely on Simply click the “File Your Claim” button at the top of the page or click the “Documents” button to print out hard copies and fill those out if you prefer. Our clients that have already gone through the process of submitting their claim have reported that it typically takes about ten minutes. There is an FAQs section if you have questions or concerns and you should feel free to get in touch with our attorney handling this case, Bill Barton, as well. Bill can be reached by email at or by calling into the firm at 314-963-9000 and asking to speak to him regarding your corn settlement.

Please get in touch or go to as soon as you can. The deadline again is October 12, 2018 and it is vital that your claim be submitted before then in order to receive compensation.