Essure Litigation Update

Essure was supposed to be a permanent birth control solution that worked with a woman’s body to prevent pregnancy. However, women who used the Essure device were exposed to serious side effects including chronic pain, irregular bleeding, and internal damage to the uterus and fallopian tubes when the device moved and perforated internal tissues.

The device was very profitable for Bayer, but it was bad for many women. Approximately 17,000 lawsuits have been filed nationwide for the Essure device, and now the bellwether selection process is getting under way. Bellwether trials are selected cases that are chosen to be tried in court to test the validity of the entire litigation, as it would be impossible to try all 17,000 cases in a timely fashion. The bellwethers will be selected by late November, at which point the plaintiffs in those cases will be informed and scheduling will begin.

There is no word yet on when the first trial will be scheduled, but we will make sure to keep you informed when we know more.