Syngenta Settlement Instructions

As you know, the case has settled, and it is now necessary for all our clients to go online and fill out the formal Claim Form.  Unfortunately, the Court will NOT allow us to fill out the form on your behalf.  It must be done by each of our clients individually, or there is a risk that the claim can be delayed or denied.

The $1.51 billion dollar settlement is being overseen by the Kansas Federal Court, and is being administered by the court-appointed company Brown Greer, from whom you have received a letter detailing how to file your claim.  A website has been created for each corn farming entity to claim their portion of the settlement. Please note in the picture below that important links are circled in Red:


Please go to the website to complete the online claim form process. If you are unable to do so, or want to use paper documents, there are options at the website to contact the help line at 1-833-567-2676, circled in red, or to print the documents needed directly from the site. You can print documents by clicking on the “Documents” link at the upper right of the webpage. This link is also circled in red in the picture above.

Many of our clients report that the process online takes about ten minutes. In the process, very minimal information is requested, primarily information for identification purposes.

The documents you gathered and provided to us over the past three and a half years are not needed for this settlement process. Syngenta has those documents, and it will not be necessary to resubmit them.  That was part of the pretrial process which resulted in the current settlement.

The claims process will also ask you if you were represented by counsel.   It is very important that you list The Onder Law Firm, as this will expedite your claim.  Listing our firm will help the Administrator match your claim with the documents previously submitted records.  This will speed up the process and allow the Administrator to more quickly reference your information from the USDA, including the FSA documents we submitted during the litigation process.

The Claims Administrator is NOT asking for our law firm’s name to reduce your portion of the settlement, or to hold back attorneys’ fees.   Listing our firm will NOT REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF YOUR RECOVERY; it will only help expedite matching your  claim with your previously submitted information and expedite your claim.  OnderLaw, LLC, will not be receiving a percentage of your settlement.  Instead, the Onder Law Firm will be paid through a different process established by the Court, such that your recovery will not be reduced by attorneys’ fees.

Again, we ask that you go online as soon as possible to file your Claim.  Simply click on this link: .

If you have any questions, please use the help line and/or help email provided at the website. These are circled in red, above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  The absolute filing deadline is October 12, 2018, but the sooner you complete the process, the sooner the Claims Administrator can review and complete you claim.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.