Back to School Safety

The 2019-2020 school year is underway and that means that millions of kids across the country are walking, biking, and riding buses on a regular basis without their parents. Make sure to review some basic safety with your little ones before they head out the door, and everyone have a fun and safe school year!

If your kids are walking to school:

  • Make sure they have a group! A group of kids is much more likely to be seen and avoided by a distracted driver than an individual child.
  • Especially for younger kids, make sure they fully understand the right way to cross the street. Checking both ways, crossing at intersections and crosswalks, and making eye contact with drivers to assure you’ve been seen are all basic but important in saving lives.

If your kids are biking to school:

  • Bright clothing and safety gear go a long way to keeping bike riders safe on the road, especially as the sunrise gets later in the day and more of their commute may be in partial darkness.
  • If your child is attending a new school or is riding a bike to school for the first time, go out on a weekend or day off school and ride the route with them to get a feel for it.

If your kids are riding the bus to school:

  • Stay seated normally while the bus is moving! Most American school buses don’t have seatbelts, so staying seated safely while the bus is underway is an important part of staying safe in the event of an accident.
  • Teach them how to walk safely around a bus! These vehicles are massive with many blind spots, an especially dangerous combination around small children. Stay back from the curb when the bus is approaching and always give a wide berth when walking in front of a bus!

No matter how your kids are getting to school this year, back to school is also a good time to remind them of basic safety around strangers. Stay in a group whenever possible while going back and forth between school and home, and don’t engage with strangers trying to speak to you from cars.

It’s the final fall semester of this decade, let’s end on a good note! Following these safety tips will go a long way to keeping your kids safe. And we here at Onder Law would like to wish everyone a great school year!